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Georgia has 9 distinct travel regions that offers it's own flavor of fun for everyone. Click on the travel region that has the city you are looking to have fun in. You will then see the activities for each of these areas. Stay and Play in GA!
Metro Atlanta Travel Region in GeorgiaMetro Atlanta Georgia Travel Region - The location of Georgia's state capitol, Atlanta, this is the largest populated area of the state. It is one of the richest historical areas of the state and a travel hub for the entire southeastern portion of the United State. It features one of the largest international airports in the country, Hartsfield Jackson. A high proportion of Georgia businesses call this area home. Most of the major Interstate highways in the state meet in this region making it a major region for businesses, population and travelers. It is a major historical area rich in history all the way back to the founding of the country. It includes a high number of recreational activities that are found in Georgia. Most visitors to our state make this area a primary focus for their visits.
NE Georgia Mountains Travel RegionNE Georgia Mountains Travel Region - This is Georgia's primary mountain region featuring the highest mountain in the State of Georgia. It includes the starting point of the southern tip of the Appalachian Trail and is a major recreational area for both Georgia residents and visitors alike. It is the starting point for the Chattahoochi River which runs the length of the central and western portion of the State of Georgia. It begins just north of Atlanta and extends to the top of the state bordering Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. It offers a wide variety of outdoor activities such as boating, fishing and hunting. Since it contains a large portion of the mountains in the state, it is heavily used by residents in the Metro Atlanta area during the hot summer months to provide a refreshing cooler climate for travelers and visitors. This area includes historical locations from the earliest settlements to our state. In the fall of the year it is one of the most colorful areas in the state.
Georgia Coast and Islands Travel RegionCoast and Islands Travel Region - The original settlers to our State first stepped foot along the Georgia coastal region. Some of our country's oldest structures are found in this region. Today it is a major destination for local residents looking for warm sunny days at the beach. It has one of the state's major Interstate highways running the length of Georgia from South Carolina to Florida providing fast access to the entire eastern coast. It includes all of Georgia's major ocean ports and is an entry and exit point for commercial traffic for the entire southeastern portion of the country. Raw materials and products produced travel through this region to the rest of the world. Some of Georgia's earliest settlements are found in this region predating the formation of our country. It's warm climate makes this an important agricultural area as well. For Georgia residents as well as visitors to our state, the rich history and beautiful beaches make this a major vacation area throughout the year. Commercial and recreational fishing is only one of many options offered in this region. Seafood lovers will be hard pressed to find a larger selection from the ocean. Some of Georgia's fresh water rivers terminate at the coast.
Savannah Square
Historich High Country Travel Region in GeorgiaHistoric High Country (NW Mountains) Travel Region - Located in the western area of Georgia, the Historic High Country has many historic battlefields from the Civil War. Included in the area is the Chickamauga, Ringgold Gap, Rocky Face Ridge and other battlefields made famous during Sherman's march on Atlanta. The northwestern tip of the state also includes Lookout Mountain, a Federal fortification used during the Civil War to control the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Today this area of the state is an industrial area for textiles and carpeting. Interstate 75 runs through the middle of this area and is a heavily traveled region with easy access to the north Georgia mountains.
Historic Heartland Travel RegionHistoric Heartland Travel Region - Located in the central portion of the State of Georgia, this region is a primary agriculture and manufacturing area for our state. Two of Georgia's major Interstate highways pass through this region providing access to visitors and businesses throughout the year. One of Georgia's largest cities, Macon, is found in this region. It is truly the Heartland of Georgia. Travel to this region and you will quickly become familiar with a true "Georgia accent" of these long time residents. It has a rich cultural heritage for which Georgia is known. Containing one of Georgia's largest lakes along with rivers that pass though the area to the coast, it is a popular destination for fishermen and hunters alike. It also includes the largest and most popular State Fairs in the state. One of the major interstate highways run the length of this areas making it one of visitors major stops when traveling though our state.
Presidential Pathways Travel RegionPresidential Pathways Travel Region - Covering a large portion of Georgia's southwestern border, this region is the home of one of Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States whose Hometown is Plains, GA. Offering a rich agricultural heritage, it was Franklin D. Roosevelt's (32nd President of the United States) most popular vacation areas. He was the only President in our history to spend 4 terms in office. Warm Springs, FDR's popular vacation spot is one of Georgia's historical sites and many visitors travel to this location in GA. This region is known for it's rich farmland and outdoor recreational activities. Columbus is one of Georgia's largest cities and home to a sizable number of Georgia residents. The region's western border is marked by the Chattahoochee River and border's Alabama.
Flower at Tybee Island Georgia
Classic South Travel RegionClassic South Travel Region - This region is located on the northeast border of the State of Georgia bordering South Carolina. It has one major Interstate passing though the area making it one of the first areas visitors to the north see when they come to our state. Augusta is here and one of Georgia's largest cities. It is well know by golfers as the home of the Master's, one of golf's most prestigious golf tournaments known throughout the world. It is a major manufacturing and agricultural region with mild climate and gentle sloping topography. it is also close to the Georgia coast so it offers many recreational activities for visitors to our state. The Savanna River runs along the northern border of this region making it a popular fishing destination for anglers. It is one of the first areas visitors traveling to our state see when crossing the border.
Plantation Trace Travel Region in GeorgiaPlantation Trace Travel Region - Located on Georgia's southwest border, this region is a rich agricultural area with excellent waterways. Several major rivers in the state pass though this area. The Chattahoochee River leaves our state to flow into Florida. The Flint River and Lake Seminole make this a popular destination for anglers and boater. Gentle slopping terrain makes this an excellent area to enjoy outdoor activities. Some of Georgia's oldest fossils have also been found in this area. One of our state's major Interstate highway passes though this region making it a last stop for travels further south. It has a rich history for the furniture industry and one of the warmest locations in Georgia. Valdosta, Albany and Tifton are the largest cities in this GA region.
Magnolia Midlands Travel Region in GeorgiaMagnolia Midlands Travel Region - Located in south central Georgia, this region is known for scenic waterfalls, hiking and many other outdoor activities. It is a major agricultural area of Georgia and features many local festivals and museums. For anglers and hunters this is a popular region of the state. Stateboro and Jesup are two of this regions larger cities. It has several rivers that pass though the area continuing to Georgia's coast.

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