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Visit Warm Springs-Bears Bluff National Fish Hatchery

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Bears Bluff National Fish Hatchery is a unit of the Warm Springs Fish Technology Center, a component of the Warm Springs Regional Fisheries Center, Warm Springs, Georgia.
Warm Springs Fish Hatchery Display Area consists of 31 acres bordering the Edisto River south of Charleston, South Carolina. Facilities include the world’s largest shortnose sturgeon broodstock holding/spawning facility; eight recirculated intensive culture/holding systems; a large recirculated egg incubation/larval rearing system; three large tanks for holding larger fish species; numerous holding and intensive rearing tanks; and six salt and freshwater ponds.

The hatchery's primary area of concern is South Carolina. However, several freshwater and saltwater aquatic species, such as the shortnose sturgeon, benefit from our restoration and recovery efforts.

Aquarium Hours: 8 am to 4 pm daily. The Aquarium is closed on federal holidays.
Activity Highlights
BulletProduced 75,066 endangered shortnose sturgeon fry in FY 2005.
BulletCompleted baseline genetic, culture, hatchery, and tagging research on shortnose sturgeon.
BulletSuccessfully completed red drum rearing season in station’s saltwater ponds in FY 2004-05. Total fish stocked = 535,000 red drum.
BulletEntered into new partnerships with COE and EPA for restoration of shortnose sturgeon.
Station Goals
BulletRestore and manage interjurisdictional coastal and riverine fishes, such as the shortnose sturgeon, Atlantic sturgeon, and red drum.

BulletRecover of species listed under the Endangered Species Act, such as the shortnose sturgeon and candidate species such as the Atlantic sturgeon.

BulletPioneer and develop culture techniques for both freshwater and saltwater species.

BulletDevelop hatchery product evaluation techniques.
Lake Sturgeon Fish
Fish Species and Capability
BulletShortnose sturgeon: 5-year classes of progeny of wild stock are held on station for study activities, addressing reproduction, culture, tagging and hatchery techniques.

BulletAtlantic sturgeon: initiating activities to address questions on reproduction and culture.

BulletRed drum: Batch-cultured in saltwater ponds, marked and released into South Carolina waters.

BulletStation has flexible and unique capabilities available to propagate and study most freshwater and saltwater aquatic species found in South Atlantic Coastal Region.
Public Use Opportunities
BulletEnvironmental education and outreach to tour groups and individual visitors.
BulletInformational kiosk installed to familiarize visitors with station and service goals.
BulletAquatic displays for off-site events.
BulletRemote location with beautiful preserved live oak and Spanish moss habitat provides excellent birding, wildlife watching and picnicking opportunities for the public.
BulletFive major endangered or threatened species can be viewed on the station including wood storks and brown pelicans.
Services Provided To
BulletFederal agencies including other Fish and Wildlife Service program offices.
BulletState agencies.
BulletNative American Tribes.
BulletMilitary bases.
BulletNon-governmental organizations (NGO’s).
BulletThe public.
Contact, Address, Directions & Website
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery
(706) 655-3382 - Address: 5308 Spring Street Warm Springs, GA 31830

Directions From Atlanta, GA: Take I-85 south towards Newnan. Take Exit 41 (Moreland/Greenville exit) and turn left onto US-27/GA-14/GA-29. Continue to follow GA-27/GA-41 to Warm Springs. Turn right at three-way (intersection) stop sign in Warm Springs. Regional Fisheries Center is located a half mile on left.

Directions From Columbus, GA: Take GA-85/Manchester Expressway north to Warm Springs. Turn right onto GA-27/GA-41. Turn right at three-way (intersection) stop sign in Warm Springs. Regional Fisheries Center is located a half mile on left.

Directions From Macon, GA: Take US-80/GA-22 west towards Talbetton. Continue to follow US-80/GA-22 for approximately 57 miles. Turn right onto GA-41 and follow for approximately 14 miles. Turn left onto W. 2nd Street/US-27 Alt/GA-41 in Manchester, GA. Turn right onto US-27 Alt/GA-41. Regional Fisheries Center is located approximately 4 miles on right.

Directions From Auburn, AL: Take I-85 north towards Atlanta. Take Exit 14 (Lagrange exit) and turn right onto US-27/GA-1. Continue to follow US-27/GA-1 for approximately 14 miles. Turn left onto GA-18/Greenville Hwy. Follow GA-18 for approximately 7 miles. Turn right onto GA-194. Follow GA-194 for approximately 5.5 miles. Turn right onto GA-27/GA-41 to Warm Springs. Turn right at three-way (intersection) stop sign in Warm Springs. Regional Fisheries Center is located a half mile on left.

Warm Springs Fish Hatchery Website
Fish at Warm Springs Fish Hatchery

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