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Enjoy Fishing at beautiful Lake Oconee.

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Best Fishing Bets
Scenic Lake OconeeThe 19,050-acre lake's unique long and narrow shape produces noticeable water current throughout the lake during power generation and pump back. Fish tend to be more active and feed more agressively when water is moving through the dam. Lake is managed by Georgia Power.

Free admission and parking.

Largemouth Bass - An 11 to 14-inch slot limit regulation is currently in effect on largemouth bass. Bass caught between 11and14 inches must be released, while bass less than 11 inches and greater than 14 inches may be kept. The slot limit is intended to improve bass growth by encouraging selective harvest of smaller bass. Angler cooperation is imperative to improve bass growth and angling opportunities.

Technique - Popular year-round baits include spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, jig-head worms, jigs and other plastic baits. These baits can be fished around riprap and rocky areas, around main lake points and offshore humps and around lay-down trees and boat docks.

Target - During winter months fish crankbaits, jighead worms and jigs. Concentrate on deeper rocky banks and points and deeper boat docks; a slower presentation may be needed. During spring, fish spinnerbaits, jerkbaits and shallower plastics. Concentrate on more shallow cover such as lay-down trees, stumps and boat docks. In the summer, focus on deep-diving crankbaits and deeper plastics along main lake points, river channels and deep bridges or try the Oconee and Apalachee rivers above I-20. In the fall, fish spinner-baits and shallow running crankbaits, keying-in on the backs of creek arms.
Lake Oconee Shoreline
White Bass - Expect fishing to be consistent with last year's catch. Similar numbers and sizes were seen in the 2008 fall gill net survey.

Skiing on Lake OconeeTechnique - Little George's, rooster tails, small crankbaits, crappie jigs and curly tail grubs are recommended.

Target - March and April are the best months to target white bass, as they make spawning runs up the Oconee and Apalachee rivers.

Striped Bass - Stripers and hybrids will both be stocked again this spring, so expect to see more striped bass this year. Striped bass numbers were up during the 2008 gill net survey. The average striped bass measured 16 inches and fish weighing 6-7 pounds were caught.

Target - In winter, concentrate in the Oconee River arm from Lick Creek down to the dam. Striped bass should be found close to deep schools of bait fish. In spring, target the middle and upper end of the reservoir around bridges and other riprap structure where stipers spawn and feed on threadfin shad.
Trees and grass at Lake Oconee shoreline
Hybrid Striped Bass - Expect fishing to be consistent with last year's catch. Similar numbers and sizes were seen in the 2008 fall gill net survey, however a number of 5-10-pounders are available.

Scenic Lake OconeeTechnique - Live bait, jigging spoons, and artificial baits that imitate shad are recommended.

Target -
In the winter months, concentrate in the Oconee River arm from Lick Creek down to the dam. Hybrid striped bass should be found close to deep schools of bait. In the spring, target hybrid striped bass in the middle and upper end of the reservoir as they make spawning runs up the Oconee and Apalachee rivers.

Crappie -
Crappie should weigh around 1/2 to 3/4 pound this spring, with good numbers of fish up to 1½ pound. Fish from February to May for larger numbers and larger fish.

Technique -
Minnows and jigs are best bets.

Target -
In early February, concentrate toward the mouths of the creeks - near the main lake and gradually move toward shallow water as temperatures rise in spring. In the spring, target standing timber and man-made brush piles in Sugar Creek and the upper end of the lake, as well as the upper ends of other major creek arms, such as Richland, Sandy and Lick creeks. When water temperatures reach the low 60s, target bedding crappie around shallow shoreline cover. During the fall, concentrate on the mouths of the creeks and river channels.
Georgia lake at dusk
Lake Oconee and Lake SinclairCatfish - Expect plenty of smaller channel and white catfish throughout, but the population is shifting due to the recently introduced blue and flathead populations. Blues and flatheads continue to expand their population and numerous 20-plus pound flatheads have been caught in recent years.

Technique - Live shad or bluegill and cut bait are best bets for flatheads, and hot summer nights are the best time to cast a line. Also try worms or cut bait fished on the bottom.

Target - During warm summer months, morning and night fishing are particularly good for all catfish. Their consistent bite make them an ideal species.
Contact, Address & Website Link
Phone: 706-485-8704 or 706-484-7500 - Address: 930 Lake Oconee Pkwy, Eatonton Georgia 31024 - Contact: Oconee/Sinclair Land Management Office, 125 Wallace Dam Rd NE, Eatonton GA 31024 - GA Power Lake Oconee Website

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