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Visit Arabia Mountain in Lithonia Georgia

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Arabia Mountain in Dekalb County Georgia
Arabia Mountain Heritage Area is located within a 20-minute drive east of the City of Atlanta and encompasses land in DeKalb, Rockdale and Henry County.
The natural, historical and cultural resources prevalent in this area of Georgia provide an exceptional opportunity for recreation, environmental education and heritage preservation. The nucleus of this heritage area is Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve; a DeKalb County Park comprised of 2,000 acres of granite outcrop, wetlands, pine and oak forests, streams and a lake.
Wildlife and Plant Life on Arabia Mountain
The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area is home to a wide variety of animal species.
On the mountain animals must adapt to heat and dry conditions as well as fast moving water when it rains. Animals such as lichen grasshoppers, marbled and spotted salamanders, coachwhip, and hognose snakes, great- horned owls, deer and bobcats rely on the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area for their habitat.
Arabia Mountain is home to two Federally protected plant species, several other rare plants, and plants that are unique to these granite outcrop environments, such as the brilliant red Diamorpha or Small's Stonecrop. The granite outcrops, fields, forests and wetlands at Arabia host a diverse selection of trees, shrubs, mosses, lichens and flowers that can be enjoyed year-round. Beautiful flora you'll find here include Sunnybells, Sparkleberry, Yellow Daisy, Fringetree and Georgia Oak.
Arabia Mountain Trail
Rock outcroppings the size of football fields, streams rushing over woodland waterfalls, hundred-acre farms just like grandpa used to have, and fields of wildflowers undulating in the breeze. The Arabia Mountain Trail respectfully visits all of these natural wonders as it winds through 2,000 acres of protected parkland in south DeKalb County.

The trail features several new arched granite bridges, a wooden boardwalk, and a short segment over a rock outcropping. Future phases of the trail are funded and in development. These phases will connect Evans Mill Road to Murphey Candler School and Klondike Road with a new covered bridge over Stephenson Creek.

Future phases that are yet to be funded and designed will connect Lithonia with Stone Mountain Park and connect the existing trail to Panola Mountain State Park and Rockdale and Henry counties, including a bridge over the South River.

Hard-surface, multi-use trail from Lithonia to 1 mile south of the Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Center on Klondike Rd. (3.85 miles) Spur trail (0.7 miles) is built to the west entrance of The Mall at Stonecrest.
Lake at Dekalb County Park
South River Bridge Installation
PATH proudly installed one of the longest clear-span trail bridges in the Southeast, August 2006. The bridge spans over the South River, connects the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Trail in South DeKalb to the Rockdale River Trail and Panola Mountain State Park!
More Places on Arabia Mountain
Ragsdale House on North Goddard Road - Built in the late 1800’s
This house originally built at the intersection of Rockland & North Goddard Rd. was home to Ms. Ruby Ragsdale and her family for over 100 years. It was recently saved from being demolished by DeKalb County and relocated to it’s new location about a half mile down North Goddard Rd.
Lyon Plantation on Lyons Road - Original Structure Built in the mid-1800’s
This home is thought to be the oldest in DeKalb County. The first home built on a Bounty Grant issued to Joseph E. Lyon for his faithful service in our War of Independence, was a two story log house. The top floor was divided into two rooms with a brick chimney between them. This was the family living quarters. The lower floor, which was partly below ground, was the living quarters for the slaves who did the cooking and other household chores. The foundation of this house was massive granite stones cut from Little Stone Mountain, now called Panola Mountain. The granite stones formed the walls of the lower floor. The bricks for the chimney were handmade. The chimney has three fireplaces; one was in the slave quarters, and one in each of the two rooms upstairs.
Flat Rock Cemetery Tour at Intersection of Lyons Road and Evans Mill Road
Tour guide Johnny Waits and Kelly Jordan give a brief history of the Flat Rock Cemetery. Buried here are Native Americans, African American Slaves, African American Civil & World War Veterans, and former founders - members of the Flat Rock Methodist Church.
Plan Your Visit to Arabia Mountain Heritage Area
Riding bikes on the multi-use PATH trail through the woodland and past rock outcrops. Hiking to a quiet lake. Discovering unusual plants. Watching the sunrise from the solitude of a high granite outcrop. With so much to offer in recreational, natural and historical resources, the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area is a great place to visit anytime of the year. Whether as an individual, with friends or family, or with a group, you will enjoy the unique treasures found here.
Directions to Arabia Mountain from Atlanta
Take I-20 East to Exit #74 - Evans Mill Rd/Lithonia. Turn Right off the ramp onto Evans Mill Road. At the light continue straight onto Woodrow Dr. (Note: Evans Mill Road turns to the right. Do not turn right!) Travel on Woodrow Drive for almost 1 mile to stop sign. Turn right onto Klondike Road and travel approximately 1 mile. Continue on Klondike Road past Rockland Road. See the caution light at intersection. To park at north parking lot for the nature center: turn right at 2nd driveway
To park at south parking lot: Continue on Klondike Road another 1 mile and turn left at entrance drive. Park here to access the mountain.
Contact, Address and Website
Phone: 770-484-3060 - Address: Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve, 3787 Klondike Road, Lithonia Georgia 30038 - Visit Arabia Mountain Website for more information.
Hiking on Arabia Mountain

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