Welcome to www.n-georgia.com DeKalb County Georgia Parks Frequently Asked Questions - Have any questions about DeKalb County Parks? Hopefully you will see the answer below to your question. If not, please call the DeKalb County Parks and Recreation office number listed below. Stay and Play in GA!
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DeKalb County Parks & Recreation - 678-937-8903
Q. Who do I call if trash needs to be picked up at a park? A. Park Services - (404) 294-2872
Q. Do I need a fishing license to fish in DeKalb County Parks? A. Yes.
Q. Can I fish in a motorized boat in DeKalb Parks Lakes? A. No.
Q. Who do I call if a tree in a park has fallen onto my property? A. Park Services - (404) 294-2872
Q. Who do I contact to become a certified volunteer coach? A. Contact Recreation Services - Al Sheppard, Program Manager at (404) 371-6270 OR Bernita Reese, Program Manager at (404) 371-6273.
Q. Who handles special events permits? A. Event Coordinator at (404) 371-2990
Q. How much does it cost to rent a room at a recreation center? A. Call the recreation center of your choice.
Q. How can I set up a meeting with the Recreation Director? A. Contact the Director's Administrative Assistant, Shea Booth, at (404) 371-5005.
Q. Who do I talk to about scholarships? A. Contact Recreation Services - Al Sheppard, Program Manager at (404) 371-6270 OR Bernita Reese, Program Manager at (404) 371-6273.
Q. When are applications accepted for summer employment? A. Call the recreation center of your choice.
Q. Are the Recreation Centers be closed for holidays? A. Yes.
Lake at Dekalb County Park
Q. When do I apply for scholarships for summer camp? A. The last Saturday in April
Q.. Who do I call if I see suspicious activities going on in the park after dark? A. Contact 911.
Q. Who do I call if there are any maintenance issues in the park? A. Contact Edward Venson, Park Services - (404) 294-2872.
Q. Who do I call to reserve a baseball field a park? A. Contact Athletics - Adia Nicholson at (678) 937-8903 OR Michael Cavanaugh at (678) 937-8919.
Q. Who do I call to get a refund for summer camp? A. Contact the Recreation Center Director where your child is registered.
Q. Can I have a yard sale in the park? A. No.
Q. Can I run a fitness boot camp in the park? A. Contact Jackie Swain, Special Events Coordinator - (404) 371-2990.
Q. Who do I contact if I have a complaint about youth associations? A. Contact Recreation Services Program Manager at (404) 371-6273.
Q. Which pavilions can be reserved? A. There are nine (9) pavilions that can be reserved. Visit the Pavilion Reservation page for more info and to apply to reserve a Pavilion.
Playground at DeKalb County Park

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