Welcome to www.n-georgia.com West Point Lake Fun Recreation and Fishing - This 25,900-acre US Army Corps of Engineers reservoir is surrounded by deep forests and rolling fields. West Point Lake extends 35 miles along the Chattahoochee River on the AL-GA state line. Stay and Play in Georgia!
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General Information
West Point Lake extends 35 miles along the Chattahoochee River . Excellent facilities, close proximity to Atlanta, and an abundant largemouth bass population makes West Point Lake a great choice for anglers of all skill levels. Angling prospects are compiled by fisheries biologists and are based on sampling efforts of the GA Department of Natural Resources (DNR), knowledge of past fishing trends, angling experience and info provided by anglers and marina owners. For more information, contact the Wildlife Resources Division, West Point Fisheries office at 706-845-4180.
Boat Ramps
Information on Corps of Engineers operated ramps can be found using the contact info below.
Best Fishing Bets
Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Crappie, Striped Bass, Catfish and Hybrid Bass
Largemouth Bass - West Point consistently produces quality bass fishing. The lake has a 14-inch minimum size limit on largemouth. In 2008, higher water levels helped largemouth spawn three fold over the average of the last ten years. This successful spawn should ensure that many bass will be available for years to come. The largemouth population continues to be dominated by larger fish with over 45 percent of the population within the preferred 15 to 20-inch category with average weights around 1 ½pounds.

Technique - For early spring action use shallow-running crankbaits and spinner baits. Fish with deep-running crankbaits and worms during late spring and summer. In winter, preferred lures are deep-diving crankbaits, jigs and worms.

Target - Concentrate on warmer areas like protected coves in the early spring. Fish deeper main creek and river channel structure during late spring and summer. Also try fishing under the tree canopy near the upper ends of major creeks. In warmer months, blow downs are popular largemouth hiding spots. Winter action is found deep and near main channel structures. Fish along riprap where largemouth hold year-round.
Spotted Bass - Good spawning success over the years has resulted in a substantial increase in spotted bass numbers. They comprise the majority of the black bass population in the lake. These aggressive feeders may be smaller than the largemouth bass, but are more numerous and are quick to attack lures. Most spots are less than 12 inches, but there are a few larger individuals in the 20-inch range. Because of their abundance and lack of a length limit, anglers are encouraged to harvest their catches.

Technique - Fishing jigs and worms work well on these aggressive fish. Spots also are attracted to crankbaits and spinners. Spotted bass will also take live bait like night crawlers, crayfish and minnows.

Target - Similar to largemouth bass, spots also like protected coves and deeper creek mouths in the early spring. In warmer months, spots hang out by structure around channels and rocky points. Blow downs also hold many spots. In winter, find spots deep and holding to river channel structure and rocky areas. Focus on riprap along bridges, which usually hold spots year-round.
Georgia Lake
Crappie - West Point crappie are abundant and sizes indicate a healthy and stable population. Crappie 9 inches and larger are common, but the average weight hovers around ½ pound.

Technique - The best action is found by trolling jigs in traditional hot spots. Still fishing with jigs or minnows also can be productive. Determining the depths at whichcrappie are located will greatly improve chances of boating more fish.

Target the upper portions of Beech, Whitewater, Wehadkee and Stroud creeks. Also try night fishing these areas around bridges.
Striped Bass - The striped bass stocking program over the last five years has greatly increased the chances of catching these top predators. The 2004 year-class are now in the 20-plus inch range and could weigh around 5 pounds. Smaller linesides also are common thanks to the successful stocking program.

Technique - Fishing with live shad is the most effective way of catching linesides. Jigs and spoons also can be effective. The observant angler can often locate schools of feeding stripers by watching for seagulls diving into the water for baitfish.

Target - In the spring, stripers move into the shoal area in the Chattahoochee River near Franklin. In warmer months and also during the winter, stripers usually are found throughout the main lake, especially in the area of the dam.
Catfish - West Point is one of the most productive catfish lakes in middle Georgia. Channel catfish are abundant with many 15 to 24-inch quality-sized fish. These larger, good-eating sized fish can weigh in the 2 to 3-pound range. Lately, increasing numbers of flathead catfish are being caught in the Chattahoochee River and the upper end of the lake.

Technique - Classic catfish baits work well. For example, stink and cut bait usually are successful, as are night crawlers.

Target - Expect exceptional fishing during the spring in the upper reaches of the Chattahoochee River arm of the lake around Franklin. During the warmer months, night fishing around bridges and structure should provide excellent fishing.
Ducks at Georgia Lake
Hybrid Bass - Though hybrids have not been stocked since 2006, good-sized fish are still plentiful. Any hybrids caught likely will be keepers. The remaining hybrids have good survival and growth rates, and most will be greater than 15 inches and will weigh 3 pounds or more.

Technique - Live shad work extremely well for catching hybrids. Also, curly-tail jigs and sassy shads provide good action. The observant angler often can locate schools of feeding hybrids by watching for seagulls diving into the water for baitfish.

Target the area below the shoals in Franklin during the spring and throughout the rest of the year, the areas scattered along the main river and tributary channels.
Other Fish Species - Bream are abundant but few reach catchable size. Bluegill and redear sunfish are the most plentiful, but redbreast sunfish are most numerous. Expect the average bluegill to reach 4-6 inches and the less abundant redear to reach 7-8 inches.

Technique - Live worms and crickets are favorite baits for bream.

Target - The May full moon around Mother’s Day means bream are on bed and ready to be caught for the frying pan. Brush piles and fish attractors should provide plenty of opportunities to catch a plate full.
Additional Information
The division undertook a major habitat enhancement project consisting of 10 large fish attractors. Each is constructed of numerous plastic peach crates and distributed widely over the lake. The locations of the fish attractor sites can be obtained by contacting the West Point Fisheries office. Fishing during water release from the dam is often a good time to fish because fish become more active and feed aggressively during this period.

The Corps of Engineers and the West Point Lake Coalition has added lights to the main channel marker buoys for easier navigation at night.

Fishing and tournament information, guides, boat rental, camping and cabins can be found at Highland Marina Resort; www.highlandmarina.com; (706-882-3437).

West Point Lake has Rocky Point and McGee Bridge fishing piers with PVC fish attractors for bank anglers.
Contact Info & Website Link
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at 706-645-2937 - U.S. Army Corps West Point Lake Website

West Point Lake Camping and Recreation

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