Welcome to www.n-georgia.com Visit The Partridge Inn in Augusta Georgia - This 1800's inn was a two-story residence for the Meigs family from Connecticut. Around 1900, Morris W. Partridge, a seasonal hotel employee in Augusta who managed the Bon Air Hotel across the street, acquired the property.
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The Partridge Inn
Mr. Partridge began offering guest accommodations in the old Meigs house during Augusta’s winter season.

Over the years between 1907 and 1929, he expanded the inn several times. After the Great Depression, the inn became a year-round commercial hotel and subsequently an apartment house. The building fell into disrepair after World War II barely escaping demolition in the 1980s. Local citizens saved the landmark, thus preserving one of the rich historic legacies of Augusta’s “Hill” section. It continues as a popular hotel and restaurant.

The architecture of The Partridge Inn, or the “P. I.” as locals refer to it, is eclectic. With one wing built of brick, the mostly wooden building has a façade punctuated with verandahs, balconies, and porches that create an appealing setting perched on the side of the gradual slope beside Walton Way known as “The Hill.” In the days when the hotel was at its peek, the inn reigned as the second of Augusta’s preferred winter hotels joining the Bon Air, which is still across the street but is now apartments.

Many of those who patronized The Partridge Inn were Northerners who came every winter and stayed for most of "the season.” The presence of these well-to-do visitors in the city prompted the creation of recreational opportunities such as golf and polo and a need for distinguished local citizens to entertain prominent guests. As a result, for a number of years in the early 20th century, Augusta had a section in the Social Register listing local socialites.

Complete with cross references for “married maidens” and “dilatory domiciles,” the Social Register even provided its subscribers the maiden names of wives before marriage and where they could find families at certain times of the year.
As it developed in the early decades of the 20th century, The Partridge Inn began to have the general feel and many of the elements of the Craftsman style. The building is too unusual, however, to place easily in that architectural category alone. Due to its piecemeal construction over parts of three decades, the inn has multiple levels on some of the floors, although the basic floor plan is close to being identical for guest rooms on the third, fourth, and fifth floors.

A penthouse suite on the top or sixth floor has decks that provide a panoramic view of Augusta and the Savannah River Valley. The first floor contains the lobby, meeting rooms, and offices as well as a few guest rooms. The second floor houses the dining rooms and kitchen with additional guest rooms in the wings. An appealing verandah on this level provides outdoor space for dining and entertaining.

In 2006 the inn underwent a certified rehabilitation using the federal historic preservation tax credits. The rehabilitated hotel retains its historic character and charm and is up to date to meet the expectations of its current guests. Today, the hotel welcomes business and leisure travelers, local club meetings, wedding parties, and community events. Augustans and visitors alike embrace and appreciate this historic inn, often using it as a place for special events.

The Partridge Inn is at 2110 Walton Way, within the boundaries of the Summerville Historic District. The inn is a full service hotel that is open to the public. Call 706-262-1111 for information. The inn is a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Historic Hotels of America.
The Partridge Inn in Summerville GA Historic District
A Grand, Colorful Past That Distinguishes Us From Standard Southern Hotels
For over a century, The Partridge Inn has hosted presidential visits, world events, and lavish social functions. Known as "The Grand Hotel of the Classic South," our legendary Southern hotel has earned a reputation for luxurious accommodations, award-winning dining, and personalized service. However, this storied Southern vacation spot wasn't always a prestigious landmark. In fact, the hotel began as a two-story private residence.

It wasn't until 1892 - when the property was purchased by Morris Partridge, a northern "snowbird" who often vacationed in Augusta - that it saw new life as a lodging destination. Partridge transformed the residence into an intimate, exquisite inn, and fame, fortune, and tragedy followed. Over the years, this acclaimed Southern inn experienced dizzying highs, heartbreaking lows, and a glorious rebirth, including:

1836 - The Partridge Inn is first built as a two-story private residence.

1892 - The Partridge Inn is purchased by Morris Partridge, a northerner who frequently vacations in Augusta, who converts it into a hotel.

1892 to 1930 - Dazzling prosperity follows. This is Augusta's heyday as the South's premier winter resort destination. Morris Partridge is renowned as a gracious, charismatic host, and his hotel builds a reputation for excellent cuisine and a warm, caring ambiance. During this period, The Partridge Inn expands from two stories to six, and a quarter mile of verandahs and balconies are added.

1923 - The Partridge Inn is selected by the city of Augusta to host a gala banquet for President Warren G. Harding - the zenith of the hotel's first golden age.

1930 through the 1950s - The Great Depression ravages the United States. Oil magnate Henry Flagler helps extend the national railroads to Florida, which soon eclipses Augusta as the South's top winter resort locale. Hard times befall the city and The Partridge, Morris Partridge gives up on his dream and sells the property.

1960s and 1970s - The Partridge Inn is converted into apartments.

1980s - Languishing in a state of disrepair, The Partridge Inn is slated for demolition. This arouses community leaders, activists, politicians, and investors, who fight on behalf of the legendary hotel - saving it from the wrecking ball.

1988 - After several years of extensive renovations, The Partridge Inn re-opens to passionate fanfare. Capitalizing on its historic appeal and new luxurious face, the hotel finds new success as the 20th Century comes to a close.

2006 - The Partridge Inn has just completed another multimillion-dollar renovation, promising guests and local residents an even higher level of service and elegance, and building on its distinctive mystique.
Phone, Address & Website
Phone: 706-737-8888 and Toll Free: 1-800-476-6888 Address: 2110 Walton Way, Augusta Georgia 30904 - Website: www.partridgeinn.com
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