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The Hydrangea Collection, developed with the assistance of the Atlanta Chapter of the American Hydrangea Society, is one of the finest in the Southeast. It contains more than 160 cultivars of Hydrangea macrophylla (both mophead and lacecap types), Hydrangea serrata cultivars (Mountain Hydrangea — a lacecap type from Japan), and our Native Hydrangea arborescens. These peak in late May and June, with stunning blooms of pink, blue and white.

At the same time, climbing hydrangeas (both native and Asian) can be seen in full bloom climbing the trees of the Woodland Shade Garden. July and August are filled with the blossoms of cultivars of Hydrangea paniculata, Hydrangea aspera and Hydrangea involucrata.
Dwarf and Rare Conifers
The Dwarf and Rare Conifer Garden provides year-round interest. The wide variety of cone-bearing plants suitable for culture in the Southeast are displayed in front of the Conservatory. It is a great place for urban gardeners to get ideas for how to use conifers in small spaces.

The collection changes throughout the year as the conifers put on new growth in the spring, change into the summer, and then take on their fall and winter colors. The textures and colors of yellow, blue, gray, silver and shades of green are beautifully combined and provide a new idea upon every visit.
Hardy Palms
The hardy palm collection, located around the greenhouse and Conservatory, provides a hardy version of the palm collection inside the Conservatory — an indoor/outdoor continuum. The collection includes species of Sabal, Washingtonia, Trachycarpus, Rhapidophyllum and other palms under evaluation for use in Atlanta and Southeastern landscapes.
Cobra Lilies
Commonly known as cobra lilies, our Arisaema collection consists of Asian species and cultivars that are counterparts to our native Arisaema, or Jack-in-the-pulpit. These exotic aroids lend a tropical look to the shade garden with flowers of chartreuse green, white or purple. They are one of the highlights of the spring bloom in the Woodland Shade Garden.
Summer Bulbs
Scattered throughout our perennial borders and the Children's Garden are many summer bulbs that provide brilliant colors and textures to the heat and humidity of the summer.
Atlanta Botanical Gardens flowers
Winter Garden
One of the unique features of living and gardening in the South is the ability to garden and have something in flower year-round. Flowering plants are complemented by various evergreen shrubs and groundcovers, as well as flowering bulbs. This garden is a favorite of visitors from November through March.
Herb Garden
The Herb Garden will expand into the Edible Garden. The Edible Garden, to be completed as the last phase of the Capital Campaign, will include vegetables, herbs, and flowers in a beautifully designed, visually appealing, educational new garden.
Japanese Garden
A hybrid of Asian styles, the Japanese Garden is designed on a small-scale and offers many ideas for urban gardeners. With its sheltered teahouse and small waterfall and pond, it is also a quiet spot to contemplate the beauty of the garden. Bermed areas are filled with rare cultivars of heavenly bamboo, dwarf Japanese maples and dwarf conifers.
Rose Garden
Featuring a representative collection of old-fashioned and landscape roses to visitors. Varieties are managed organically and interplanted with appropriate perennials. Peak bloom is in May and June, with a late summer/early fall re-blooming period. The stunning color and fragrance of the roses, combined with perennials, make the Rose Garden a favorite spot for late-spring visitors.
Water Plants
The collection of water plants in various ponds features hardy and non-hardy water lilies, water lotus and other aquatic plants. It is one of the best collections of aquatic plants in the Southeast. They begin flowering in May and many will bloom until frost. The highlight of the summer is the huge (5-foot wide) pads of the Victoria water lily, and annual grown from seed each year for display in our ponds.
Pretty wild flowers
Annual Color
The brilliant annual displays in beds and containers at the Atlanta Botanical Garden are always a favorite among visitors. Unusual combinations of foliage and flower provide stunning beauty throughout the year, even in the winter.
Conservation Garden
The display areas function as the main educational component of the Native Plant Conservation Program. Native pitcher plant bogs are a major focus of this garden. 6 themed bogs have been constructed to show the characteristics of a natural bog habitat: Bullet Coastal plain bog BulletGeorgia bog BulletAlabama bog BulletHybrid bog BulletWestern Gulf Coast bog andBulletFall-line bog

Habitat theme plantings that showcase rare habitats of Georgia complement the bog gardens. These plantings represent unique plant communities of the Southeast and showcase some of the rare and threatened plant species that you would find in these habitats.

In addition to the beautiful plants that exist naturally in these areas, each of these habitats has interesting stories to tell. These areas are becoming increasingly hard to find in the wild. The three plant community zones that you will encounter as you enter the Conservation Garden from Robinson Gazebo are: Bullet Longleaf pine/wiregrass BulletFall-line sandhill and BulletGranite outcrop

The staff of the Garden's Conservation Program is involved in restoration and conservation projects in each of these plant community types. This garden provides us with the opportunity not only to demonstrate the usefulness of native plants in landscaping but also to showcase the plants that we are so dedicated in saving from extinction. By viewing these native plants in a garden setting, our hope is that visitors will leave the garden with a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of these habitats to plant biodiversity.
Children's Garden
It combines plant education and interactive entertainment. The two-acre garden was built in partnership with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to emphasize wellness and healing. The Children's Garden features themed gardens that will delight children and adults alike. Visitors can safely reach the Children's Garden by crossing the Flower Bridge over the driveway.
Adult classes range from the artistic, like floral design and watercolor painting, to hands-on practical gardening workshops. The Garden offers children's classes as well, covering a fun mix of plant topics like natural dying and gourd craft. Many noted environmental and horticultural experts hold lectures at the Garden throughout the year.
General Info
BulletAll areas are handicap accessible. Wheelchairs are available on a first come first serve basis.
BulletFor your safety and enjoyment, and to protect the gardens, please follow these guidelines:
BulletNo smoking, food or pets allowed (Seeing-eye dogs are permitted).
BulletChildren must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
BulletBicycles, roller blades, and skateboards are not permitted.
Open Days and Hours (Seasonal)
Open Tuesday - Sunday
BulletApril - October: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
BulletNovember - March: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Contact, Address & Website
Telephone: 404-876-5859 - Address: 1345 Piedmont Ave. NE, Atlanta Georgia 30309
Atlanta Botanical Gardens Website
Atlanta Botanical Gardens Map

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