Welcome to www.n-georgia.com Cobb County Parks Pavilion Facilities - Picnic pavilions are available in many of the parks. As a service to the citizens of Cobb County, these are available for reservations free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis.
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There are restrictions on the type of events for which the picnic pavilions may be utilized. Please call the applicable park district office for reservations and information.
Eastern District Parks
BulletBells Ferry Park - 1 Picnic pavilion - Address: 2334 Bells Ferry Road, Marietta Georgia 30066
BulletEast Cobb Park - 1 Picnic pavilion - Address: 3322 Roswell Road, Marietta Georgia 30068
BulletFullers Park - 2 Picnic pavilions - Address: 3499 Robinson Road, Marietta Georgia 30067
BulletNoonday Creek Park - 3 Picnic pavilions - Address: 145 Old Hamilton Rd, Marietta, GA 30064
BulletSewell Park - 1 Picnic pavilion - Address: 2055 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta Georgia 30067
BulletShaw Park - 2 Picnic pavilions - Address: 3016 Canton Road, Marietta Georgia 30066
BulletSweat Mountain Park - 1 Picnic pavilion - Address: 4346 Steinhauer Rd, Marietta, GA 30066
BulletTerrell Mill Park - 2 Picnic pavilions - Address: 480 Terrell Mill Road, Marietta Georgia 30067

Eastern District Parks Phone Contact - 770-591-3160
Central District Parks
BulletFair Oaks Park - 3 Picnic pavilions - Address:1460 West Booth Road, Marietta Georgia 30008
BulletHurt Road Park - 1 Picnic pavilion - Address: 990 Hurt Road, Marietta Georgia 30008
BulletNickajack Park - 2 Picnic pavilions - Address: 3630 Oakdale Road, Mableton Georgia 30126
BulletRhyne Park - 3 Picnic pavilions - Address: 4145 King Springs Road, Smyrna Georgia 30080
BulletThompson Park - 1 Picnic pavilion - Address: 555 Nickajack Road, Mableton Georgia 30126
BulletWallace Park - 2 Picnic pavilions - Address: 6289 Pisgah Road, Mableton Georgia 30126

Central District Parks Phone Contact - 770-528-8810
Western District Parks
BulletKennworth Park - 1 Picnic pavilion - Address: 592 Fairground Street, Marietta Georgia 30060
BulletLost Mountain Park - 3 Picnic pavilions - Address: 4845 Dallas Hwy, Powder Springs, GA
BulletOregon Park - 3 Picnic pavilions - Address: 145 Old Hamilton Road, Marietta Georgia 30064
BulletPowder Springs Park - 1 Picnic pavilion - Address: 3899 Brownsville Rd, Powder Springs, GA
BulletSweetwater Park - 1 Picnic pavilion - Address: 2447 Clay Road, Austell Georgia 30168
BulletWild Horse Creek Park - 1 Picnic pavilion - Address: 3820 Macedonia Rd, Powder Springs Georgia

Western District Parks Phone Contact - 770-528-8890
Cobb County Parks Picnic Pavilions Rules and Regulations
Cobb County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department developed the following procedures and regulations in order to provide picnic pavilion reservations at no charge to the citizens of Cobb County. Compliance insures a safe and enjoyable experience while using the picnic pavilions in our community parks. For questions or more information, please call the district office for the park in which you are interested. Not all pavilions are A.D.A. accessible – we suggest you visit the park pavilion before making a reservation.
BulletUnder “NO” circumstances, shall any item be placed on any athletic field without prior written approval from the parks department.

BulletBy Cobb County ordinance, absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed to be served, consumed, or possessed in a county park.

BulletYou may not charge for use of this facility, nor may you charge an admission for an event held at this facility.

BulletAbsolutely no flyers, brochures, or literature of any kind may be distributed without prior written permission from the director of the department. Written authorization must be produced upon request at any time during your event.

BulletAbsolutely no signage of any kind may be erected. This includes political campaign signs or directional signs.

BulletPlease assure that all music and other noise are kept to a minimal level. No sounds may be amplified, such as speakers, microphones, etc., Portable radios are allowed.
BulletPlease leave the facility in as good or better condition than you found it.

BulletThe specific pavilion you have requested may not be available due to: 1) a previous reservation; 2) it's location/primary designated purpose or, 3) it's inappropriateness for your event because of size, amenities, or staff's ability to support your needs.

BulletA reservation assures you exclusive use of the pavilion during your reserved time frame. Parks staff will endeavor to clean all facilities. However, general public may use the pavilion immediately prior to your scheduled time. Our current resources do not allow for a crew to visit each pavilion immediately before each scheduled use - to provide this service we would have to charge a fee for each pavilion use. Therefore, please plan to arrive a few minutes early to insure that the pavilion is ready for your use.

BulletAny tent erected may require inspection by the Cobb County Fire Department and/or County Inspection Department. Any cooking under a tent requires fire inspection. Any public occupancy requires code inspection.
BulletCobb County has a leash law in effect at all parks. No animals are allowed on playing fields.

BulletNo golfing on athletic fields.

BulletPavilion reservations will be “held” for 3 business days. After 3 days, your reservation will be canceled if contract is not returned.

BulletIf you are contracting with a vendor to provide equipment such as an inflatable “Moon Walk”, slide, train ride or any other item to be used during your event, you must contact the vendor and provide our department with a copy of the current liability insurance policy.

BulletParking is limited in many parks. For larger gatherings of 50 or more, please carpool if possible

BulletExtra grills are allowed but cannot be placed under the pavilion.

BulletState and local laws will be strictly enforced.
Visit Cobb County Parks Website for more information.
Fishing Event at Cobb County Park

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