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Shop at the Secret Forest in Tarrytown Georgia

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Celebrate Christmas with a beatiful tree of your choice. You can choose and cut a tree in our farm nursery. You can have the finest quality, Christmas tree at an affordable price. We furnish the saws for your convenience or will even cut your tree for you.
Trees & More
Trees are shaken and baled free of charge. We sincerely hope you enjoy driving or walking through the 20+ acres of trees, sampling and browsing through our gift shop and will return every year for your family's Christmas experience.

Gift Shop Items - Homemade jams, jellies, syrups, spiced cider tea mix (free samples for your tasting), Unique hand-crafted Gift Items, Unique hand-crafted Tree decorations, Pecans, shelled and unshelled.

Tree Care Items - Hassle-free tree stands that has your tree up in seconds. We drill a hole in your tree for free, set your tree in our stand and that's it! You are done!!! No more wrestling for hours trying to get your tree straight. Bring your stand back every year when you come to get your Christmas tree. We have several sizes to choose from.

Tree Types
Leyland Cypress - This tree has become the most popular and favorite Christmas tree in the south. It does not shed needles and is an excellent tree for those people who have allergies to other trees because there is very little fragrance. It has a very attractive shape and density. It is fire resistant and the needles are soft to the touch. Thebranches are not as sturdy as some pines; but will last for months if kept in water.
Secret Forest Christmas Trees
More Tree Types
White Pine - This tree has soft needles, good color and holds its needles well. It has an excellent pine fragrance and is one of the most popular pine varieties throughout the nation. It has an excellent shape; density and will hold a lot of ornaments.

Virginia Pine - This pine tree has strong branches to support heavy ornaments. The needles are soft, sometimes twisted and has good needle retention. It also has a pleasant pine fragrance.

Arizona Cypress - We grow Carolina Sapphire and Blue Ice varieties of these soft and very fragrant trees that have a minty aroma. The Carolina Sapphire tend to look green whereas the Blue Ice look blue in color. Both trees have good shape, density and color. Needle retention is similar to the Red Cedar; will dry out quickly if not kept in water.

Eastern Red Cedar - This tree has a good shape and aroma; but the needles are sticky. You might find a cedar apple or two in your tree. It holds a lot or ornaments; but will dry out quickly if not kept in water.

Fresh-Cut Frasier Firs - These trees are native to higher elevations of western North Carolina and cannot be grown successfully at lower elevations in the southeast; therefore, we buy pre-cut Fraser fir from farms in North Carolina for sale at our farm. Short needles, strong branches, strong aroma, excellent needle retention when kept in water.

Suggestion for Care of Your Tree: If you do not put up your tree immediately, store it outside, be sure the butt is in water. A seal will form over the cut within 1 hour & the amount of water the tree will drink will be reduced. A new cut about 1 inch above the original cut should be made before placing the tree in water. Fresh trees usually drink a gallon or more of water each day, so be sure you use a stand with a water bowl of at least one gallon. Check to make sure the water level does not fall below the cut or a seal will form and your tree will stop drinking and your tree will begin to die.

Just a Note - We put up a Leyland Cypress tree and decorated it several days before Thanksgiving in our gift shop and it lasted the whole season as long as we kept water in it. We did not take it down until March and it still looked as fresh as the day we put it up.
Christmas Cactus Flower
Hours, Phone, Address, Directions & Website
Thanksgiving Day-December 12 (Mon.-Sat.) 10am-Dark, Sun. 1pm-Dark.Phone: 912-529-3702 - Address: 6971 Thompson Pond Rd, Tarrytown, GA 30470 - Directions: GA Hwy. 29 to Tarrytown, go east 4 miles on Warnock Pond Rd. to farm. Website: www.secretforesttrees.com

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