Welcome to www.n-georgia.com Nottely Lake Fishing and Recreation - This 4,180-acre TVA reservoir is located in Union County near Blairsville. The lake's relatively fertile water supports a diverse fish community. Reservoir features a beach and camping area and is a great place for viewing wildlife.
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General Information
Nottely Reservoir serves a number of purposes other than recreation, including flood control and power generation. Nottely Reservoir lies in the state of Georgia on the southeastern edge of the Tennessee River watershed, nestled in the mountains and valleys of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Angling prospects are compiled by fisheries biologists and are based on sampling efforts of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), knowledge of past fishing trends, angling experience and information provided by anglers and marina owners. For more information, contact the Wildlife Resources Division, Gainesville Fisheries office: ph. 770-535-5498.
Best Fishing Bets
Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Striped Bass, Hybrid Bass and Crappie
Largemouth Bass - Expect a few more largemouth this year due to a supplemental stocking program.

Technique - In addition to live nightcrawlers, crayfish and bait minnows, a variety of artificial lures that imitate blueback herring are successful.

Target - Increase odds by targeting Ivy Log Creek, Young Cane Creek and cove pockets in the mid and upper lake sections.
Spotted Bass - Spots are more abundant than largemouth bass. Expect average catches to weigh approximately 1 pound.

Technique - In addition to live nightcrawlers, crayfish and bait minnows, a variety of artificial lures that imitate blueback herring are successful.

Target preferred spot areas, such as rocky and steeper shoreline areas. In spring months, target more shallow areas where spots tend to migrate.
Georgia lake
Striped Bass - Approximately 37,000 striper fingerlings were stocked into the lake last year to help control the blueback herring population. This year expect stripers greater than 5 pounds on average and the occasional 20 to 40-pound trophy catch.

Technique - Try fishing with large surface plugs around points near deep water in the main body of the lake. Also, bucktail jigs, super flukes and live bait (bluegill, shad and blueback herring) fished deep off points and steep shorelines should produce strikes.

Target shallow coves and Ivy Log Creek during spring and the lower end of the reservoir during hot summer months.
Crappie - Expect an average year for fish weighing in at 1/2 pound. Larger slabs should make up less than 10 percent of catches during the spring. March through April is the ideal time to hit the lake for crappie.

Technique - Minnows and minnow-tipped jigs are most productive.

Target in late winter and spring, look for concentrations of fish around brush and fallen trees in 5-10 feet of water in the upper end of the reservoir.
Hybrid Bass - Expect better hybrid catches in the next two years due to good recruitment in 2008. Although few in number, some hybrids in the 6 to 9-pound range are available.

Technique - From May - August, surface fishing with topwater baits, bucktail jigs and small minnow-like lures is productive. Throughout the year, try live bait fishing with 3-5 inch minnows, shad and herring in 10-20 feet of water.

Target Ivy Log Creek and Point #9 during the spring.
Other Fish Species - Bream, catfish and carp also are available. For larger bream, 1/4 to 1/2 pound, target spawning beds from May through August. Live earthworms, crickets or small jigs are effective bream baits. If interested in catfish, target the upper half of the reservoir using nightcrawlers or chicken livers. Entice carp with prepared catfish baits, corn and dough balls in shoreline areas adjacent to the Jacks Creek boat ramp, Deavertown ramp and Canal Lake ramp.
Additional Info
This year, several partners plan to help set a number of PVC fish attractors at selected cove sites throughout the lake. For info concerning attractor locations call the Wildlife Resources Division office at 770-535-5498.
Contact Info & Website Link
TVA at 423-751-2264 - TVA Lake Nottely Website
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